Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comic-Con 2014: Saturday

I can't believe it took a whole year to post this.

July 26, 2014

I woke up early to get in line for the Bandai line.  4am early.  After the lines finally let in, I made it to the Bandai table only to find all the tickets for the Green Rangers' Power Dagger was sold out.  It's a better system than last year, but I still wasted a whole lot of time.

Lumia 925: Conquest

Since I was skipping all the big panels, I decided to get some small stuff out of the way.  I finished the Adventure Time Conquest and got my third medal.

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Lumia 925:Genderbent Captain America | Disco Stormtrooper

I spent the afternoon at Nerd HQ.  I waited in line for three hours to play 10 minutes of lasertag.  Ugh.  Avoid this the lasertag on Saturdays.  On the way out, I found CM Punk looking grumpy sitting on the floor.  I said hi and held up my hand and he hi-fived me.  I think that made the wait worth it.

Lumia 925: Games

Saturday night ended made use of the giant table in the room with a big round of Cards Against Humanity