Monday, December 14, 2009

The 2009 LA Auto Show

Chocolate shirt, Chocolate mini

Last week, my old friend Ozzie invited me to the LA Auto Show. He works for Honda so he has tons of passes. Kinda strange hanging out with him. Despite being a dad and engaged, he's constantly hitting on women.

Monday is the best day to attend. Its not crowded at all so, it makes it easy to talk to everyone there.

The Ford exhibit had lots of games to play. The Fiesta display was pretty cool. They set up a kiosk (with a very poor metal keyboard) that was set up with access to facebook and twitter. There was a neat interactive display that had pictures of a few of the people involved with the Fiesta Movement. I also saw a Grand Theft Auto type game and a table with a 4 player car race. There was also a great F-150 off road driving simulator.

There was also a foosball table set up and I got in a game with 5 random people. The other team jumped out to an early lead but my team made a comeback after I got moved off being the goalie. The game came down to the wire with 1 point left to score for each team and I scored the winning goal!

Just played foosball at the ford booth

I think my favorite trend I saw this year was USB jacks next to the charger ports. Makes things simple. Volvo's booth had New Moon product placement, which was weird. The Lincoln pavilion showed off Microsoft Sync, which has a creepy avatar that talks.

I'm bummed I never found the time to go back and check out more cars. There's always next year.