Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Delta Airlines: Not Recommended

My tiny plane on way to Houston

Sunday night, I was set to fly from Los Angeles to Atlanta at 10:55 PM. When I checked in at 8:30, my e-ticket said "SEAT REQUEST". With time to kill, I found a seat and plugged in my laptop and tethered off my N97.

Delta has a very informative check in system. It tells you if you are cleared, standby and other statuses. The standby screen shows up to 25 people. I wasn’t on the list. Apparently they were forced to change to a smaller plane and 40 people were bumped. They said take a seat and people will be helped in the order they arrived. After a long period of confusion, a staff member announced that people were switched to an 11:55 flight. I was never called so I got in line. I barely got a ticket in time to make the next flight.

Luckily I got an aisle seat. The flight was quick as I dozed in and out of sleep. Compound with this with my 3 hours of sleep Saturday night, I wasn’t feeling too well when the plane arrived in Atlanta around 7am local time. By the time I got off the plane, it was 7:25. My flight was set for 7:30 in a different terminal. After finding an information desk, I was set for an 8:35 flight to my final destination of Houston. Again, I got “SEAT REQUEST”. I opened up Gravity on my N97 to check my tweets for the morning while waiting at the gate. I was glad to see my name was on the cleared list and I had a seat.

I got to board early and found my seat near the front. I looked at my watch as the time slowly dragged on. It wasn’t until 9:35 that the flight took off. I tried to fall asleep but there was a baby crying behind me. The flight landed at Houston Bush International around 11:15. My mom was supposed to pick me up, but she went to Terminal C while I was at Terminal B. She was told all arrivals were there. There are no signs that say Delta is at Terminal B. Mom had been there since 10am and being lost and forced to loop multiple times made her cranky. She wanted me to walk from Terminal B to C. After convincing her it would be easier for her to since she had a car, she finally found me around noon and I was on my way.