Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Con 2009

Santa Con 2009 took place on December 12.

I was supposed to be in Chinatown for lunch, but I was very late. You can't go to Santa Con without drinking like Santa, so I went to BevMo in search of a flask and some whiskey. After browsing around aimlessly, I asked a guy working there for help and he showed me a cheap plastic flask and a nice flask that cost $25. He then remembered about some gift sets and showed me a couple. First was a brandy gift set, which was around $25. There were also some whiskey gift sets. I went with a Jack Daniels gift set for $30 that consisted of a nice black flask and a huge bottle of whiskey.

I made my way to the Sepulveda Orange Line Station. I opened up my gift set and thought that I'm probably going to make a mess without a funnel. Luckily the bottle's opening was designed to match the flask's mouth, so there was very little spillage. I made my way to the ticket dispenser and decided to get a week's ticket since I wanted to do travel about LA the following week. Turns out the weekly pass wasn't valid until Sunday, so I had to buy another day pass for the day. :(

On the way to Chinatown, I ran into two more Santas. I made friends with one of them, Chris, and hung out with him and his friends for the rest of the day.

Around 12:30, all the Santas made their way to the Chinatown Gold Line stop. It was very weird to see so many Santas. I especially enjoyed the Santa girls in slutty outfits. Everyone crowded into the train for the first stop at Mariachi Square. All the Santas really packed into the train and there wasn't even room to move.

At the first stop, there were some announcements or something going on. We were given a list for some kind of scavenger hunt, but I don't think anyone tried to really play. They were too busy getting drunk. I saw one Santa throwing up into a trash can.

The Santas moved on to East LA. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant and the new milk and cookies: cerveza and tortilla chips. There was also a mariachi band and lots of caroling. On the way out of the restaurant, there was a clown protest. They had chants and signs and even pushed around some Santas. A couple of the girl clowns were wearing skirts that didn't even cover their butts. NICE

The rain started pouring as we made our way back to Union Station. On the ride back, we sang dirty Christmas carols. Some of the Santas stayed at the bar while others went to Disney Hall to carol. I went with them, but we were too disorganized and there was no caroling.

All the Santas moved on to Pershing Square. I got caught under the mistletoe and got a kiss while waiting for a corn dog. Some of the Santas went ice skating whiles others made their way to the Down and Out pub. The Santa who got sick at the first stop was there dancing.

We headed to Little Tokyo for dinner. It was my first trip there in many years and it was nice to see what was there. After dinner, my group of Santas decided to go home instead of seeing the main group of Santas at a karaoke bar.

Santa Con was a ton of fun. Can't wait for next year.