Monday, January 25, 2010

Life is more mobile with the Nokia Booklet 3G

I got a black one!

This is my new Nokia Booklet 3G. The story of how I acquired it is here.

The Booklet 3G came with Windows 7 Starter edition. I plan on upgrading it to Windows 7 Ultimate soon. I bought a 4GB SD card to make a Windows 7 install disk, but that didn't work. Since the Booklet 3G only has 1GB of ram, I'm using the SD card to use for Readyboost. This has helped a lot and sped up the system a bit. I plan on getting an SSD to really speed things up.

Uhoh, euro keyboard

It has a Finnish keyboard. It took me a while to figure this out and configure Windows 7 for this layout. The keys are pleasant to type on, I love chicklet keys. I'm hoping a US style keyboard pops up on ebay soon. The touchpad supports mutlitouch. I haven't picked up the hang of using it.

Superman double feature at the Egyptian

The Booklet 3G is really thin and light. It fits in my bag and I've started taking it with me everywhere. Since my Booklet 3G has a 900/2100 radio, it won't be recognized by AT&T and I can use the $10 Medianet plan instead of the $60 laptop data connect plan. Since Firefox is location aware, the Booklet 3G has become my social media tool of choice. I check in with Gowalla, a site that takes great advantage of the location feature and is easy to use since its designed for mobile browsers.

Last night I checked at the Egyptian Theater to see a double feature Superman and Superman II: The Richard Donner cut. I couldn't get a location while I was inside, so I had to wait until I got outside to check in. After the movie, I saw these guys out front:

Green Lantern and Superman

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

At the Team Conan Rally with the Nokia N97

Monday January 18, 2009 was Martin Luther King day. This was the day chosen to hold a Team Conan rally at Universal Studios.

I headed down in an orange jumpsuit I got two years ago from Comic Con that was a promotional item from the Harold and Kumar sequel.

Orange jumpsuit for rally tomorrow #teamconan

I hopped on the Metro and arrived at the Universal City Metro stop to find a large crowd had already formed.

I'm with COCO rally

The rain was pouring and at times the wind nearly knocked me over. It didn't take long for me to get soaked. This still didn't stop me or any of the other 300 or so fans from rallying for Conan. We cheered every time a car honked their horn and some people gave interviews with the media.

I'm with COCO rally

For the first hour or so, people were huddled on the northeast and northwest corners of the intersection on Lankershim Blvd and Universal Hollywood Dr. Around 1:30PM everyone got on the northeast corner. A popemobile drove by and everyone cheered. I watched from the other side of the street when a few minutes later, the popemobile came back with La Bamba in it!

I'm with COCO rally

Then all the sudden I found the Masturbating Bear was next to me!

I'm with COCO rally

It wasn't long before Conan himself showed up to greet his fans. They initially mobbed him until he broke free from the crowd and led every one down the street to his studio. I crossed the street to follow the crowd and ran into Chris Gore from G4TV. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit like me.


Everyone gathered at the entrance to the studio and Conan's interns provided pizza for everyone. Around 2:45, a large I'm with COCO banner was unfurled from the roof of the studio. Conan, Max, Pierre Bernard and Andy waved to the crowd from the roof.

I'm with COCO rally

By this time, the rally organizer asked everyone to go back to the metro station for something involving funny or die. It turned out to be a fight between Asian Jay Leno and Asian Conan O'Brien. After getting sucker punched, Asian Conan delivered a sweet roundhouse kick and knocked Asian Jay's whig off.

I wanted to tweet more from the rally, but my hands were too cold and my N97 was getting soaked. While the touchscreen marched forward, the keyboard buttons stopped working. I took out the battery and hopped back on the metro.

When I came home, I found water under the touchscreen and lots of other places. I placed it in some rice and left it overnight. On Tuesday night, I pulled it out and worked fine. The N97 is quite an amazing piece of hardware.

Friday, January 01, 2010

VOX Archive: Warped

This was originally posted to VOX on February 27, 2008

I used Sport mode for this one

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