Monday, February 08, 2010

No traffic ahead with Ovi Maps


I was on my way from Sylmar to Burbank and had Ovi Maps 3.3 running on my N97. For the first time, I was prompted about a traffic event ahead. I pushed the corner of the screen to take a detour and I was on my way. I saw no accidents or traffic on my way to Burbank.

Another cool thing about Ovi Maps is the language selection. There's a few great voices available now. I first discovered the surfer dude voice about a month ago. He's a lot of fun, its like having Sean Penn from Fast Times at Ridgemont High in your phone. Nokia has added a lot of great dialogue to make driving fun. There's also two English voices that can announce street names, one with a UK accent, the other an American accent. These are highly useful, as they help you find your upcoming turn.

Ovi Maps is constantly impressing me with new features. I'm looking forward to Apps on Maps. A Sportstracker successor is on the way and I'm hoping there will be an app like foursquare or gowalla in the oven. Best of all, Ovi Maps is free.