Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camera Talk


This is the last picture I took with my Nokia N82. I took this picture as the crowd was leaving the Gibson Amphitheater after the Conan O'Brien: The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television show, which was spectacular by the way.

Monday morning came and I received a replacement case for my Nokia N82. I ordered it because my N82 was in bad shape. As I was dissembling the unit, I managed to crack the LCD and rip the ribbon to the Xenon flash. I was so sad.

To made matters worse, since I was supposed to send my N97 in for repair because the camera stopped working. I am now left with no working camera phone.

This morning Nokia announced the N8. I've waited a long time for this phone. The N8 hosts an upgraded version of the N86 camera, with the same wide angle lens and full sensor video zoom. Throw in the Xenon and 720P video stereo recording and I'm ecstatic.

I'm digging the return of the video editor. Adding titles and transitions just like on the N93 and N95. Very glad its back.
I like that is an aluminum shell and the color selection. I think I would want an orange one.
It has a five band 3G radio. That means no waiting for a firmware update.

I do have a few worries about the N8.
The sealed battery is a major concern since I go crazy with my energy use. I'll have to buy a DC-11.

Going from a hard qwerty like on my N97 to an onscreen keyboard is not something I am looking forward to. The lack of a lens cover will mean I need a sock.

I've already made plans to get the N8 right away. It's going to be hard waiting for it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pillow Fight 2010

Here's a collection of media from this year's Pillow Fight. The event took place April 3, 2010 at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles.

The above is a slideshow of pictures I took with my Nokia N82. I love taking pictures with it. The d-pad makes it easier to switch from auto to sport mode. At one point, someone knocked my N82 out of my hands and it lost the memory card holder while the battery cover was damaged. That didn't stop me from taking more pictures.

I used my Nokia N97 for the videos seen above. I left it in video capture mode since the Symbian camera UI for touch is slow to manipulate.

With a Nokia camera phone in each pocket, I was able to capture a lot of great moments.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bacon and ice cream never tasted so good!

20100403973, originally uploaded by Al Pavangkanan.

Last Saturday I visited the Coolhaus ice cream truck at Meltdown comics in Hollywood.

Coolhaus lets you make your own sandwich. You can pick your own cookie and ice cream combo.

I had Brown Sugar ice cream with Candied (chopped) Bacon. It was amazing! Even the wrapper was edible, since it was made with rice paper.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


My morning reading today included a blog post from my friend Ms Jen about twitter. She mentioned how long she had been on twitter, so I looked up how I compare.

Today marks my 25th month on twitter. According to the Twitter Job Description by Date Joined chart, I am somewhere between a blogger and social media guru. This is my blog, but I am hardly a social media guru.

Why am I on twitter? At first it was to find out when lunch was served at Barcamp LA. Then it became a news source. Then it was free stuff. Later on, I used it to keep track of my social network.

Who do I follow? Friends who are on twitter, lots of Nokia folk, a few actual social media gurus (mainly Los Angeles based ones), a couple of news sources, my favorite food trucks and swag dispensers.

Yes, I do follow a few celebrities. They are my guilty pleasure. They give me stuff like this which make me happy

I don't tend to follow people back unless I met them or at least had a conversation with them. Topify is a great way to sort out if a person is worth following.

Here's a tip for free stuff. Usually free stuff is first tweet first serve. Put the twitter account that is doing the giveaways on sms update. When they send out a tweet, you instantly get a text notifying you when to reply.