Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camera Talk


This is the last picture I took with my Nokia N82. I took this picture as the crowd was leaving the Gibson Amphitheater after the Conan O'Brien: The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television show, which was spectacular by the way.

Monday morning came and I received a replacement case for my Nokia N82. I ordered it because my N82 was in bad shape. As I was dissembling the unit, I managed to crack the LCD and rip the ribbon to the Xenon flash. I was so sad.

To made matters worse, since I was supposed to send my N97 in for repair because the camera stopped working. I am now left with no working camera phone.

This morning Nokia announced the N8. I've waited a long time for this phone. The N8 hosts an upgraded version of the N86 camera, with the same wide angle lens and full sensor video zoom. Throw in the Xenon and 720P video stereo recording and I'm ecstatic.

I'm digging the return of the video editor. Adding titles and transitions just like on the N93 and N95. Very glad its back.
I like that is an aluminum shell and the color selection. I think I would want an orange one.
It has a five band 3G radio. That means no waiting for a firmware update.

I do have a few worries about the N8.
The sealed battery is a major concern since I go crazy with my energy use. I'll have to buy a DC-11.

Going from a hard qwerty like on my N97 to an onscreen keyboard is not something I am looking forward to. The lack of a lens cover will mean I need a sock.

I've already made plans to get the N8 right away. It's going to be hard waiting for it.