Monday, May 31, 2010

Universal Studios Hollywood - Studio Tour

Here's some pics from the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour I visited last Friday.

These are from the recently restored New York City area.



This is the entrance to the new King Kong attraction. To the left is the old collapsing bridge and above is the back of The Simpsons Ride.

This is what's left of The Munsters Mansion. It's been cleaned up for Desperate Housewives.

This is Whoville

And here's Norman Bates

Finally, here's a video from JAWS

Monday, May 03, 2010

A weekend with the Nokia 5530

I sent in my Nokia N97 in for repair last week and broke my Nokia N82, so I was left without a camera phone for a while. My dad likes to order Nokia 5530 Xpress Music phones to give to my cousins in Thailand. One arrived late last week and I took it out on the town over the weekend.

There were three main apps I used over the weekend. Gravity, for social networking. Ovi Maps, for driving and Sportstracker to keep track of my travels.

On Saturday I went to Pasadena to watch the Doodah Parade. I had to use an external GPS unit because the 5530 doesn't have one. It turned out for the better, since I never ran out of battery. Here's a slideshow from the parade.

On Sunday, I went hiking in Studio City. I used Sportstracker to track my journey.
Here's the first part of my hike. At the end of this leg, I stopped at a place called TreePeople. They were having a family conference and there were many young attractive moms in attendance. I saw Ricki Lake give a talk and she looked amazing. The Coolhaus ice cream truck was there and I got more bacon ice cream.

After finishing off my ice cream, I went back to the trail in search of the rainforest trail. The trail that lead there was over run with foliage, so I turned back and went back to my car. Here's the second half of my hike. Here's some pics I took from the trail: