Monday, May 03, 2010

A weekend with the Nokia 5530

I sent in my Nokia N97 in for repair last week and broke my Nokia N82, so I was left without a camera phone for a while. My dad likes to order Nokia 5530 Xpress Music phones to give to my cousins in Thailand. One arrived late last week and I took it out on the town over the weekend.

There were three main apps I used over the weekend. Gravity, for social networking. Ovi Maps, for driving and Sportstracker to keep track of my travels.

On Saturday I went to Pasadena to watch the Doodah Parade. I had to use an external GPS unit because the 5530 doesn't have one. It turned out for the better, since I never ran out of battery. Here's a slideshow from the parade.

On Sunday, I went hiking in Studio City. I used Sportstracker to track my journey.
Here's the first part of my hike. At the end of this leg, I stopped at a place called TreePeople. They were having a family conference and there were many young attractive moms in attendance. I saw Ricki Lake give a talk and she looked amazing. The Coolhaus ice cream truck was there and I got more bacon ice cream.

After finishing off my ice cream, I went back to the trail in search of the rainforest trail. The trail that lead there was over run with foliage, so I turned back and went back to my car. Here's the second half of my hike. Here's some pics I took from the trail: