Monday, June 21, 2010

Endomondo Workout #2 in Studio City

Yesterday I went to Fryman Canyon Park in Studio City. The trail starts on Mulholland Drive and goes downhill. I was only .1 miles into the trail when it became to hard to navigate due to overgrown brush. Thus, I ended up with a short workout found here on Endomondo.

I drove around to the bottom of the hills to Willacre Park. I restarted my day's hike on Endomondo. Unfortunately, my N97 crashed .64 miles into my hike. I didn't notice this until 40 minutes after wards. That was disappointing. I finished the trail's downhill portion and recorded it here.

I recorded this video in the parking lot afterwards

Last week I had a manual crash when I opened Gravity. This week was a random crash. Hopefully next week won't have a crash.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Endomondo Workout in Encino

Encino Hike

I used Endomondo for the first time today. I went to Encino and hiked to the Nike Missile Silo site. This site was built in the 60s in order to shoot down Russian jets. Its been decommissioned for years and is part of a park now. The trail to the site is about 1 mile long.

The first part of workout is here. Second part of workout is here.

This is a video I shot from the tower missiles would have launched from.

Endomondo vs Sportstracker

I used both Endomondo and the new Sportstracker.
I had my N97 hooked up with an external GPS.

Sportstracker was much faster in getting a signal. Endomondo would take what seemed like an eternity to get a signal lock.

Endomondo has a simple layout and more excersise options. Sportstracker has more details on the screen and has support for a heart rate monitor. Both handled crashes well.

I love how Endomondo updates twitter and facebook after a workout. This is a really cool feature and tips the scale in its favor for me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Quick impressions of the Nokia E72

I took advantage of a recent sale on and purchased a Nokia E72 for a friend of the family. I was allowed to take it out of the box and I have used it with my sim card on two occasions.

E-series #nokiafamily

I like the design and feel of the E72. It fits much better in my pocket than my N97. The color scheme is great, but I often forget where the call and end keys are since they have no color. I like that the battery cover is much more simpler than the E71, although it is quite a fingerprint magnet. Having a 3.5mm headphone jack on top fixes a major design flaw of the E71. I love how it charges via both micro USB as well as 2mm Nokia jack.

The keyboard has a great feel and is easy to type on. The predictive text I found useful. The optical pad is more harmful than helpful. In general use, it often does things wrong or gets in the way of navigating menus. It is fantastic when using it for the camera or web browsing. Playing with the sensitivity helps a bit. I wish there was a way to select what apps it works in.

The battery life is phenomenal. I left it offline for a week and was surprised to see 5 bars left when I put my sim back in. I took it out Saturday night and was geotagging my tweets and pics, using Ovi Maps and sending texts all night and used up only 1 bar.

Taking pictures is fun with the optical pad acting as a focus. The flashlight feature I found convenient. I love that I could flip the E72 to silence it when it makes noise. I haven't run into the constant freezes people online have complained about. Maybe I haven't used it enough.

I don't like how the menus are organized. There's a ton of sub-folders which have icons that don't look like folders. It is very hard to change settings.

I did very much enjoy the software updates available. I was able to update the firmware and Ovi Maps over the air with ease.


That said, a lot of mistakes were made moving from v20 to v30. Theme effects are off. I love the effects and diving deep into menus to turn them back on is not fun.

One thing I don't understand is why Nokia gives you nice wallpapers but doesn't enable them. The E72 comes with a nice selection of animal wallpapers from the World Wide Fund for Nature. The E72 also has the ability to have multiple fullscreen backgrounds. This should be enabled by default instead of just using the default theme.

My final beef is with the email client. Email is never instant and there's no way to turn on html email by default. This is the core feature of the E72 and should be fixed.

For all those cons, the E72 still makes a great phone and I am looking forward to setting my dad up with one.