Monday, June 21, 2010

Endomondo Workout #2 in Studio City

Yesterday I went to Fryman Canyon Park in Studio City. The trail starts on Mulholland Drive and goes downhill. I was only .1 miles into the trail when it became to hard to navigate due to overgrown brush. Thus, I ended up with a short workout found here on Endomondo.

I drove around to the bottom of the hills to Willacre Park. I restarted my day's hike on Endomondo. Unfortunately, my N97 crashed .64 miles into my hike. I didn't notice this until 40 minutes after wards. That was disappointing. I finished the trail's downhill portion and recorded it here.

I recorded this video in the parking lot afterwards

Last week I had a manual crash when I opened Gravity. This week was a random crash. Hopefully next week won't have a crash.