Sunday, June 13, 2010

Endomondo Workout in Encino

Encino Hike

I used Endomondo for the first time today. I went to Encino and hiked to the Nike Missile Silo site. This site was built in the 60s in order to shoot down Russian jets. Its been decommissioned for years and is part of a park now. The trail to the site is about 1 mile long.

The first part of workout is here. Second part of workout is here.

This is a video I shot from the tower missiles would have launched from.

Endomondo vs Sportstracker

I used both Endomondo and the new Sportstracker.
I had my N97 hooked up with an external GPS.

Sportstracker was much faster in getting a signal. Endomondo would take what seemed like an eternity to get a signal lock.

Endomondo has a simple layout and more excersise options. Sportstracker has more details on the screen and has support for a heart rate monitor. Both handled crashes well.

I love how Endomondo updates twitter and facebook after a workout. This is a really cool feature and tips the scale in its favor for me.