Friday, July 16, 2010

Slurpee Weekend

Last Friday, 7-Eleven held a big party in Hollywood where the first 71 people in line would get 100 Slurpee coupons. They also gave away 20 prizes of 150 various coupons, 2 xbox 360s and a grand prize of 711 Slurpees. I arrived around 5PM and found the Slurpee truck. The Slurpee truck has 8 flavors and two big screens to play games on. Coca-Cola and AMP radio were also there for the festivities.

I found the #slurpee truck
N97 | My first glimpse of the Slurpee truck

In addition to the 100 Slurpees I got, I won tickets to see the band Train and the Slurpee Battle of the Bands on the following Sunday. Three bands played. I liked the first band, Ambience. Their percussion was astounding. The second band, The Welcome Home, had great enthusiasm, but I wasn't feeling their music. The third act, Levi Ware, was interesting and full of compassion. If the winner of the Slurpee Battle of the Bands brings world peace, it will probably be Levi Ware.

Found the #slurpee truck
N97 | I got to the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and found the Slurpee truck again.

Train was an incredible live band. They are an alternative contemporary rock group from San Francisco. I hadn't heard of them before, but I recognized some of their songs. When the sound of a locomotive heralding their entrance, I knew I was in for a good time.

Train | Slurpee Battle of the Bands
N97 | Train performing at the House of Blues

Early on in their set, they invited some young girls on stage to sing She's on Fire. Despite being a hard rock fan, they played some country songs I really enjoyed. One of my favorite songs of the night was "Save Me San Francisco". They finished their main set with their hit "Drops of Jupiter" and encored with "Hey Soul Sister". Below is a video of their song "If it's Love" I shot with my N97.