Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comic Con 2010 Part Five - Sunday

So its been over a month and I'm finally putting my experiences to html, so my recollection of events is a bit foggy now.

N97 | I ran into this Batman and Robin combo early on Sunday

First thing I did that day was get to the floor to try to get some exclusives. I picked up a FOX poster tube, but missed out on the Thor and Captain America posters. I stopped at the Nintendo booth and played some Dragon Quest IX to get a XXL Slime shirt.

I got back to the hotel room and cleared the room out to check out. I have to remember next year to make sure everyone pays in advance, it would make things simpler and I get tons of points for my credit card. Those points turn into Marriott gift cards.

N97 | I found a John Stewart Green Lantern in the hotel lobby

After lunch with my roomates, I headed to the fulfillment room to pick up all my swag. There were some cool volunteers there in Team Rocket outfits. I had walked by earlier and the line was huge. This time, there was no line at all. I got some FOX animation pins, a wristband from Spartacus, a T-Shirt from Hawaii Five-0 and an Adventure Time hat.

N97 | Super cute kid Thor on the throne at the Marvel booth

I went back inside the convention center to wander. I got word that Geoff Peterson from the Late Late Show would be at the CBS booth at 2PM. I looked for a line, but the people at the booth were clueless. I decided to hang out in a spot in the back of the booth Geoff's appearance would start. Two girls next to me said "the line is over here" so I followed them. I stopped to shoot the following video. By the time I got in line, I was in a worse spot than if I had just stood there.

Flip Mino HD | Geoff Peterson

After that disappointment, I headed upstairs for the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel. The Glee panel had just let out and it took a very long time to get in. Luckily I didn't miss anything. They showed an episode from the upcoming season and had a much too short Q&A after wards.

Following this was one of my favorite panels, the Talk Back panel. Three members of the Comic Con board of directors try to answer questions. I missed out on some good complainers because they told people to get in line for passes for next year. This line was surprisingly long. What was worse is that Preview Night for next year was sold out.

N97 | Baby Chun Li!

With the con over, I met up with my roommates at the hotel for drinks. We picked up our gear from the bell desk and then headed over to Seaport Village for dinner. From there it was over to the train station and a quiet ride home. Here's another tip, always get a business class seat for the ride back. That way you are guaranteed a seat, since coach is usually overcrowded.

N97 | I found Indiana Jones at Seaport Village.