Friday, August 06, 2010

Comic Con 2010 Part One - Preview Night

This is my long overdue blog post about Comic Con 2010. Going to Comic Con takes a lot of planning. I purchased my passes at the 2009 Comic Con. I lucked out in getting rooms at the Marriott next door to the convention center. Amtrak tickets were purchased a week in advance.

Wednesday began with a 9am train ride to San Diego. Wednesday also happens to be opening day at the Del Mar races. Between Orange county and Solana Beach, a whole lot of drunken people show up in their Sunday best to get more drunk at the races.

Amtrak shenangians

Upon arriving in San Diego, I walked over to my hotel and checked in. I was very pleased to find out I had a room with a bay view.

View from my room
N97 | View from my room

I picked up my badge and got a Chuck Warner Bros bag. Since the exhibition hall wasn't open until 6pm, I walked around the gaslamp.

Klingons have taken over
N97 | Klingons took over the trolley stop

After a late lunch, I got an alert from twitter to go find Britt Reid's garage from the Green hornet movie. After looking around a long while, I found the place next to Petco Park. I waited around for the place to open. I got inside and they had some cars from the movie. I walked up to a counter and got a white t-shirt. I headed outside and was first to get a ride in the Black Beauty.

N97 | My driver is a babe

After the ride, I walked around the convention floor a bit. Didn't get much in way of cool freebies. The floor was very crowded.

N97 | At the Pokemon booth

Afterwards, I headed to Ralphs to pick up supplies for the rest of the convention. My roommates went to get sushi while I went to the room to sleep.

N97 | The Bat Bar at Ralphs supermarket

The full gallery of my pics from Comic Con can be found on flickr