Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comic Con 2010 Part Three - Friday


Friday at Comic Con kicked off with picking up breakfast from the hotel lobby. They had a station of ready sandwiches to go next to the Starbucks which was next to the quick exit that leads to the convention center.

I got in line for room 6A around 9am. Although I was in line for the Batman panel, there were plenty of Adventure Time fans getting there early for their panel. The Batman panel was great, they showed a new episode featuring the Bat-Mite and the Joker. They also showed a preview of the upcoming Young Justice series.

I shot some video of the Batman panel with my new Flip camera after charging it up last night.

E72 | 4 Finns and a Jake

The Adventure Time panel was great. Tom Kenny moderated the panel and was in a very goofy mood. After picking up a prize ticket, I ducked out early to go the Scott Pilgrim experience again to get another shirt.

Flip Mino HD | The Scott Pilgrim garlic Bread truck

I got in the line again and had some more garlic bread. At the base of the steps that lead up to the Scott Pilgrim Experience, there's a table that gives out movie shirts. I saw that people were getting a red stamp on their Comic Con badge after I had gotten a black stamp yesterday, so I got in line. I got denied. I planned I would have to switch badges with my roomate to get another shirt.

Flip Mino HD | The Scott Pilgrim Experience

N97 | I only saw one Ramona Flowers with green hair

Yesterday, I got an orange shirt with a black Sex Bob-Omb design on it. Today I got a black shirt with a Triple G design. While it looked good in theory, I didn't find out until a week later that the triangle wasn't properly alligned. :( After getting my shirt, I headed back to the convention center to get in line for the Adult Swim panel.

Flip Mino HD | The Scott Pilgrim Experience - custom t-shirts

N97 | This is Dr Rockzo. The Rock and Roll Clown. He does cocaine.

The line for the Adult Swim panel wasn't as bad as last year. This is perhaps due to the larger room. I got in for the preceding panel for the TV series Sparticus. The Adult Swim panel featured Brendon Small from Metalocalypse, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick from The Venture Bros and Seth Green from Robot Chicken. They made for a very fun panel. Afterwards I hit the convention floor again to buy some Scott Pilgrim wristbands. Once the floor closed, I headed back to the hotel and found a great brother and sister KICK-ASS cosplayer combo.

N97 | Red Mist

N97 | Hit Girl

After dropping off my stuff, I hit the Gaslamp again. I found the Adult Swim ice cream truck across the street. They had this amazing fudge brownie ice cream bar. I wish I knew where to buy it.

I found the City of Heroes party at the Hard Rock Hotel. This hotel is really nice, I might stay there next year since so many stars were staying there. The party itself was hit and miss. The food was great, but the bar wasn't open. I was supposed to get into a super exclusive party at Flynn's Arcade, but my hook up failed to get me on the list. With that endeavor a bust, I headed back to the hotel. I got back in time to watch fireworks. The past two years I had always missed this show.

Flip Mino HD | Fireworks!

That ended my Friday at Comic Con. A comlete set of photos can be found here on flickr