Monday, August 09, 2010

Comic Con 2010 Part Two - Thursday

On the Thursday morning of Comic Con, I was wandering the Gaslamp District. I picked up my lunch from Ralphs and hopped on a shuttle. I was the only person on the shuttle and talked to the driver about Comic Con.

N97 | Cartoon Network Pizzeria

I hopped off the shuttle after seeing the Cartoon Network Pizzeria. Pizza for breakfast, why not? I looked inside and saw it wasn't open yet. A crowd had gathered outside and I asked if they are waiting for it to open. They said they were waiting for CNN to show up. They said the first 25 people in line at 9:30 am would get a Flip Mino HD to use at Comic Con for CNN iReports. I was the 6th person there so I was stoked.

N97 | My new Flip Mino HD

After receiving my new Flip Mino, I headed for the convention center and sat down for the Danny Elfman panel. I then headed outside for the Scott Pilgrim experience. While waiting in line I was bombarded with weird swag and garlic bread from the Scott Pilgrim truck.

N97 | The Scott Pilgrim garlic bread truck

Bread makes you fat
N97 | Bread makes you fat

Weirdest swag so far
N97 | Caffeinated Jerky?

Mullet time!
N97 | Weird mullet hat

The line for the Scott Pilgrim Experience lasted about an hour. I was in line so long I got sunburn. Once inside, I got a red movie t-shirt, a custom shirt, a custom flip book and a poster signed by director Edgar Wright and creator Bryan Lee O'Malley.

N97 | Scott Pilgrim movie summary

N97 | I got the second to last signed poster signed by Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O'Malley

I headed for Hall H and got to see the Expendables panel. Terry Crewes was the first one of the cast to come out. After being introduced, he jumped on the table, took off his shirt and flexed his pecs to the roar of the crowd. Sylvester Stallone was very entertaining in telling stories about making the movie. There was a surprise appearance from Bruce Willis. They showed two clips from the movie, which looks like a lot of fun.

Next up was the Scott Pilgrim panel. I managed to get a spot real close to the front for the panel. Thirteen members of the cast and crew were present. Even Edgar Wright's friends Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made quick appearances, even though they weren't in the movie. Lots of clips from the movie from the movie were shown. Pins were distributed. People with white pins were lucky enough to go see a screening of the movie with Edgar Wright and also a performance from the band Metric, who provided a song for the movie as the band The Clash at Demonhead.

N97 | At the Threadless party

Since I didn't get to go see the screening, I went to the Gaslamp to check out some parties. I had RSVP'd for a few parties in advance. This plan paid off well. By now it was about 7:30 and the first party was about to start. It was for the LA Time's Hero Complex blog. There was great food and an open Patron tequila bar. After getting some food there, I went to hit the Threadless party. This turned out to be a bad move, since Stan Lee showed up at the Hero Complex party after I had left. The Threadless party wasn't too bad. Tacos and beer were served and artists were on hand painting. I bought a shirt and headed back to the hotel to drop off everything.

E72 | Light Suit from Tron: Legacy

I came back to the gaslamp around 10pm for the Tron Legacy exhibit. One of my roomates had been running around the Gaslamp and scored passes to get in. After getting in, I walked into Flynn's Arcade. There were a bunch of video games in there, but there were all covered up. After a few minutes, a voice over played and then a door opened. It lead to a hallway with a couple of set pieces from the movie. After another voice over, there was another set with another voiceover. Finally, we were lead into a futuristic room. There were models in silver outfits serving Coke Zero and props from the movie along the walls. After a few minutes, the place would go dark and a trailer from the movie would play against the back wall. The lights in the room would sync with the trailer for a very cool added effect.

E72 | Tron:Legacy party

That ended my Thursday. The full gallery of my pics from Comic Con can be found on flickr