Monday, September 13, 2010

VOX Archive: BarCampLA4

This was originally posted to VOX on November 5, 2007

I went to another BarCamp over the weekend on Saturday. This one was held in downtown LA at the Little Radio Warehouse. Despite using my N95's GPS to get there, I walked past the venue. A couple of other campers helped me find my way. I walked around a bit and saw people from last weekend's MobileCamp. After checking in, getting a name tag and t-shirt, I sat down to rest.

I talked to a girl who made a video podcast movie for at We talked about internet and ubuntu. At that point I pulled out my new N800 and said its my first exposure to Linux. Her friend Seth was excited about the N800 as well. He works at the Apple store and was fed up with the lack of real development. He ended up trading his iPhone for an N800 with someone there. (See flickr gallery)
More talk of the iPhone led to the media capabilities of my N95. I showed off the camera and video options.

During lunch, I talked to some people who went to BarCamp San Diego. When I took their picture, they were amazed with how much my N95 looks like a real camera. At the first panel I went to, a bunch of other n800 owners attended as well. At a panel later on, I met another N95 owner who loved how he used it in Korea and Japan.

Near the end of the day, I met a who had a Chumby. Chumby is a neat little linux thing that has an accelerometer inside. He was trying to write an alarm app that would be deactivated when turned to the left with a code, like 3 shakes and off. He showed me video he made of using the Nintendo Wiimote to control a roomba. I pulled out my N95 and showed off the moving ball demo. We agreed that accelerometers are awesome.

My ride home showed up around dinner time. I learned that he doesn't fit in with geek culture, so I couldn't convince him to stick around longer for the free drinks that were going to be provided later. On the way back, I played the new Saul Williams and he was surprised with how loud the speakers on the N95 were.

N95 | Flickr set from BarcampLA4