Saturday, September 11, 2010

VOX Archive: MobileCampLA

This was originally posted to VOX on October 30, 2007

I went to MobileCampLA last Sunday.
I had a conversation with Astra, a graffic design artist from Cal Arts. When I told her about my N95's 5 MP camera, she seemed surprised how big that is. We got into a conversation about possibilities of the video recorder and how great movies could be made, regardless of medium.

I attended a bunch of panels. My favorite was the Megaphone demonstration. There's a big screen set up and people with any kind of phone can call in and play. I won the first game.

Lunch arrived in the form of a catered In & Out Burger truck. I ordered a double but probably could have eaten another.

After lunch was a half baked entrepreneur contest. The attendees formed groups and suggested a bunch of mobile words. The groups then picked 2 words and was tasked to make a company around it. I grouped with the fellow WOMworld attendees and made a pitch about Laser QR codes. Rich, Mike and Jeremiah did the bulk of the work in creating a laser equipped cell phone that can project QR codes anywhere and onto anything from clouds to kittens. The winning group came up with a car parking alarm system. They won 5 N95-3's and 2 N800's.

Near the end of the day, there was a trivia contest. Every time I sent an email through gmail for an entry, it never showed up. By the time I switched to Yahoo mail, all the N95's were given away. Not discouraged, there were still N800's left to be given away. With help from Jeremiah and his VAIO notebook, I got an entry in on time and won one!

One person, a fellow who runs, won the N95-3. At the end the conference, I noticed he rode a bike. I suggested to him he get a holder for his bike to attach his new N95 and use the GPS to get around and he smiled with the idea.

Before saying goodbye to the WOMworld crew, I discussed with Siobhan about how hard it was to find the Culver Events Center. I have Route66 installed on my N95, but it had a hard time finding the place. Many among the WOMworld crew had GPS units and they couldn't find it either. But the drive home was quick and easy.

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N95 | Flickr set from MobileCampLA

Thanks to WOMworld for the invitation and to MobileCampLA for the N800.