Thursday, September 09, 2010

VOX Archive: Unlimited Drinks at The Edison

This was originally posted to VOX on October 22, 2007

I got an invite from Jeb, a member from howardforums.

Apparently, he has this really cool job where he travels the world and puts on awesome parties involving mobiles. I am insanely jealous.

The day of the event, Amir, another howardforums member, offered to drive me to the event. We had a crazy time trying to get downtown from the San Fernando valley. The traffic was horrendous. We had 3 GPS enabled phones in the car and still had a hard time getting there.

When we found our way downtown, we had a hard time finding The Edison. We managed to find parking and walked around to find this place on foot. We arrived about an hour after the event opened, which is right on time by Los Angeles standards.

The Edison is hidden in an alley. There aren't any glowing signs to let you know its there. That's kind of what makes the place so cool. It It used to be a power plant and has been converted into a very upscale restaurant/lounge/club.

N95 | Drinks means blurry photos

I talked to the host, Ewan from smstextnews. We talked about how backward the American mobile scene is. I had myself a seat and ordered drinks. My signature drink is the Blue Hawaiian, but the waitress said they have no blue drinks. She suggested I try their signature drink, the Edison. It was a wonderful pear flavored cocktail and I ended up having 2 more. I also enjoyed sweet potato fries, which packed quite a kick.

N95 | Mobile talk

After chatting two girls from Frith PR, a sponsor of the event I moved over to a table filled with Nokia phones. WOM World provided an N95, N76, N93i and N800 internet tablet. Ewan left his own E65 on the table for people to demo. I was rather surprised with how big the N76 was. More surprising was how thin the E65 was compared with the N76. One girl mentioned how intimidating the large size of N93i is.

The strange part was that I was demoing the phones to all the people who haven't seen them before. Running down the specs and features of the N95. Mentioning various uses for the N800.

If Ewan or Jeb read this, I would again like to thank them for inviting me. I had a great time.