Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Social Artwalk

October 14 was a long day.

It started off with a trip to Universal Citywalk. There's a popcorn place near the entrance that smelled wonderful. I walked down to the cineplex and bught tickets for the social network.

I just ate up this movie. Sorkin's fast dialogue, Fincher's dark visuals and Reznor's score made for a very entertaining movie.

After the movie I walked over to Universal Studios and used my annual pass for the final time. I made my first visit to Shrek 4D. The last time I was in that building, I was competing for the Nintendo World Championship. It is very different now. The Shrek show was a lot of fun, but I was sitting too close to get a good view of the 3D effects.

N82 | Entrance to King Kong

I went on the Studio Tour. I got a terrible spot with a support beam stuck in my arm. The tour guide wasn't too interesting and a lot of shooting took away some locations. The highlight was seeing a bunny. The second highlight was King Kong 360. It was nice to see it from the right side of the tram.

After the Studio Tour, I headed over to see Terminator 2: 3D. I got a really good spot and saw the whole show. Afterwards, I headed outside to the Coke Soak and played with the consoles. I hit some buttons and water would shoot out of something. I noticed a girl examining another console and pressed the button that shoots water at her. I am so evil.

This is my sky
N82 | Afternoon sky from the west end of Universal Studios

I then headed over to the Simpsons Ride. I never knew there were three levels to the building. Most times I went, I got the middle level. On my previous visit, I was sent upstairs. This time I went in via the bottom. The Simpsons Ride is the best part of visiting Universal Studios.

N82 | I got to remember to leave the flash on.

The park closed so I headed downtown for the Artwalk. When I came out of the subway, it was dark and cold and I hadn't brought a jacket with me. Despite this, I stopped at 7-eleven and used a slurpee coupon. I was walking the streets when I saw the Grilled Cheese truck turn a corner. I followed it to a parking lot and saw a bunch of trucks already there. Earlier in the day I saw on twitter that the Baby's Bad Ass Burgers truck would be there, so I waited for them to open. They make amazing sliders served on Hawaiian Bread.

N82 | Scarlet Paradigm

After my meal, I walked around a bit. I saw a band playing in an alley. I thought I recognized the bassist as Bryan Villarin, a guy I met a couple of years ago. I checked his twitter and it was indeed him. I listened to a couple of songs and said hi to him.

N82 | Smokin Willie's bbq food truck

I walked on and saw a cupcake store. They had mini cupcakes for a buck. Yummy. Not too far away was another parking lot full of food trucks. There must have been around 15 trucks, many I had never heard of.

N82 | Lots of trucks, lots of people

I arrived at the Downtown Indie for a movie screening. I had no idea what was playing, I just knew that some old friends of mine would be there. There was a short film about a haunted car that was strange. The main film, Four Boxes, was very interesting. It needs a second viewing. There was an afterparty on the roof. This guy told me about this cool thing he saw at Goodwill. It was a KISS shirt, except under the makeup was Bill Cosby.

Along the walk back to the subway, I saw a third lot full of food trucks and a clown stripper. I love LA.