Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seattle has Chocolate Bacon Martinis

Chocolate Bacon Martini
N8 | Delish!

After an hour's bus ride from Bellevue to downtown Seattle, I walked around for half a mile trying to find the Capitol Club while dragging along my big heavy backpack. I looked in and found the place empty. I walked upstairs and found the bar. The place had a Mediterranean vibe and their menu reflected it with lamb on the menu. But I wasn't there for lamb, I was there for the club's specialty: the chocolate bacon martini.

The CBM took a few minutes to prepare. The chocolate was smooth while the bacon vodka bites back sharp. You can't really taste the bacon without the bacon salt that adorns the rim. The happy hour price was only $9 for something that I would have gladly have paid $20 for.

If you ever visit Seattle, put this on your to do list.