Saturday, January 29, 2011

VOX Archive: N800 Stuff

This was originally posted to VOX on June 24, 2008

Last night I got portrait mode to work on my N800. I had tried to install it twice but never got it to work.

Monday 11:00 pm 6/23/08 Van Nuys, California

I finally got it to work, following the directions here:

I was quite happy with myself until I woke up. I fired up Jaiku and found out Diablo was released.

I have more work to do today.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last Thursday I went to Griffith Park.

Rocket trail and Hollywood sign
N8 | Rocket trail and Hollywood sign

I headed to Griffith Observatory to watch a rocket launch. The launch wasn't much to see. The rocket had a bit of trail before disappearing into space.

View of Dante's View
View of Hollywood sign from top of Mt Hollywood
Griffith Observatory and downtown LA
N8 | Views from the top of Mount Hollywood

Since I gained a ton of weight over the holidays, I went for a hike. My headphones took four or five times to get paired up with my phone properly. I walked to the top of Mount Hollywood and took some photos.

N8 | Flowers with Glendale in the background

After leaving the peak, I took a trail that headed east. I took this photo of some flowers on the way. I thought I would end up at the bird sanctuary but I ended up at a golf course. Eventually I made my way back to the Griffith Observatory parking lot.

After two hours with endomondo running and connected to my bluetooth headphones, the N8 was down to 2 bars. You can check out my course here

Saturday, January 22, 2011

VOX Archive: N82 Camera and battery trials

This was originally posted to VOX on May 25, 2008

A while back, I went to watch wrestling in Burbank. I’ve attended a lot of local wrestling shows and learned that sport mode does not work indoors.

This is a picture using sport mode from September of last year:
N82 | Lights?

As you can see, this picture is practically all black.

Here’s an example of auto mode
N82 | PWG intros

The picture is still quite dark and very yellow. The flash fired, but it didn’t help. The ISO speed is 100 here.

I’ve found that using Landscape mode, Incandescent lighting, +0.5 exposure and high ISO settings gets accurate results. Here’s an example with these settings:

N82 | Ode to the Bulldogs

I have those settings set up in the User defined scene mode. These settings are helpful for capturing fast paced action, since there’s no time wasted on focus. The problem with the user defined mode is that it takes three clicks to activate. It would be really easier if the camera remembered the last settings used when closed. Another great alternative would be to have keypad shortcuts. Unlike the S60 Web browser, the number keys don’t do anything with the camera. For now, the only way to keep these settings active is to leave the camera open and let it go to standby. This leaves the lens unprotected and subject to dust.

N82 | Lookout!

This is a problem for me, since I love to sit in the front row. Often the wrestlers will fly out of the ring and into the crowd. When this happens, I usually close the lens protector. It gets pretty annoying having to set up the settings each time I open the camera.

I shot over 100 photos that Sunday and by the end of the night, 3 hours of taking pictures, I still had 5 bars left on the N82. This battery performance astounded me. My N95 would only last about 90 minutes before hitting 1 bar of battery left. The need for my Proporta mobile charger wasn’t needed any that night and made me very pleased.

There’s one thing the N95 has over the N82: left handed shooting. With the N95, I could hold it in my left hand and easily make one handed shots. With the N82, my left hand shakes due to the pressure required to press the capture button while maintaining a good grip. I have, however, gotten the hang of one handed shooting with my right hand. But this makes my wrist strap useless.

Addendum: Check out the rest of the photos from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's DDT4 shows on flickr
Night 1
| Night 2

Saturday, January 15, 2011

VOX Archive: Sportstracker at 35000 feet

This was originally posted to VOX on June 12, 2008

I recently flew home from Houston to Los Angeles.  I got myself a window seat.  I was pleased to find my seat had two windows.  Inspired by a post by Monadi at phone-rush, I wanted to try GPS in mid-flight for myself.

Before takeoff, I set the N82 to offline mode and then turned it off.  When the pilot started talking, I first turned on my N95.  It took a few minutes to get a GPS lock.  I couldn't move it around without losing the signal.

I turned the N82 on and it didn't take long for it to get a signal.  I was able to keep the N82 in my shirt pocket and maintain a signal lock.  I turned on the GPS data application and got this screenshot:

Screenshot - Share on Ovi

Taking a que from the great position artist Stavros, I turned on the Sportstracker application to make some of my own position art.

I first changed a few settings.  I set the units to imperial and the GPS filtering to low.  I then activated the Sportstracker. Here is a map of my position art:

As you can see, Sportstracker logged my journey from mid-Texas to Southern California.

There is a log of the journey with a few images at the sportstracker website:

Saturday, January 08, 2011

VOX Archive: Testing out Nokia Sports Tracker

This was originally posted to VOX on May 14, 2008

I could never get Sports Tracker working right on my N95. I'd always run out of ram. Since I'm trialling the black N82, with its 90mb of free ram, I can finally let loose with multitasking.

Yesterday I went on a walk to Radio Shack to buy an adapter. I was able to have the music player running in the background while I turned on the Sports Tracker. Taking pictures wasn't a problem. Each picture I took came out great and neither the music player or Sports Tracker application crashed. There was one problem though. I forgot to charge up the N82 so I ran out of juice halfway on my walk.

When I came home, I plugged the N82 back in and uploaded my workout. I had to search around a bit to figure out how to add pictures to the workout. I found the instructions at Black Phoebe

My workout/photowalk can be found here Edit: updated link

What I'd really like to see is a way to have an embeddable widget I could place here instead of just a link. There are widgets for facebook and blogger and some other sites, but they show only your last workout. I want to be able to share a specific workout.

I tried to upload the the kml file to google maps, but it wouldn't take it. I tried a bunch of methods, but I couldn't get it to work.

Ideally, Sports Tracker and Share on Ovi would be working together with Nokia Maps to get a great united solution. But I think we are a few years away from that.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

VOX Archive: Black N82 is here!

This was originally posted to VOX on May 12, 2008

WOM World sent me a black N82 to play with. This thing is awesome. I'm in love! I can't wait until has it in stock

N95 | Me with the N82