Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last Thursday I went to Griffith Park.

Rocket trail and Hollywood sign
N8 | Rocket trail and Hollywood sign

I headed to Griffith Observatory to watch a rocket launch. The launch wasn't much to see. The rocket had a bit of trail before disappearing into space.

View of Dante's View
View of Hollywood sign from top of Mt Hollywood
Griffith Observatory and downtown LA
N8 | Views from the top of Mount Hollywood

Since I gained a ton of weight over the holidays, I went for a hike. My headphones took four or five times to get paired up with my phone properly. I walked to the top of Mount Hollywood and took some photos.

N8 | Flowers with Glendale in the background

After leaving the peak, I took a trail that headed east. I took this photo of some flowers on the way. I thought I would end up at the bird sanctuary but I ended up at a golf course. Eventually I made my way back to the Griffith Observatory parking lot.

After two hours with endomondo running and connected to my bluetooth headphones, the N8 was down to 2 bars. You can check out my course here