Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick impressions with the Nokia C7 Astound for T-Mobile with PR2.0

N8 | The Nokia C7 Astound for T-Mobile

Last Friday I got play with the Nokia C7 Astound.

The C7 feels a lot like the Nokia E71. It is very slim in the hand. The silver chrome and white plastic make combine for a great design. I really like the feel of the call, end and menu buttons. The AMOLED screen is the same as my N8. I couldn't really tell a difference in the haptic feedback. I liked how the micro-USB port was at the top instead of the side.

N8 | Video of the C7 homescreens with PR2.0

The software of the C7 Astound was very impressive. It is the first Symbian^3 device with PR2.0. Above is a video I made of the homescreens. Changing homescreens is very smooth.

PR2.0 brings some long awaited changes to Symbian^3. The portrait keyboard was a little hard to use due to how small the buttons are. It worked in split screen in most apps I tried. It didn't work in split screen in the Ovi Store. Swype was preinstalled and only worked in landscape mode.

N8 | Software version on the C7 Astound

I didn't spend much time in the web browser. The interface seems to have changed for the better, but the rendering hasn't changed much.

Considering the C7 has call buttons, the right selection key should be customizable like it was on the N97.

The NFC widget is not enabled by default. Once added to the homescreen, you can easily turn it on and off like a switch. There's also a visual voicemail widget, but I didn't get a chance to see how it works.

One weird thing is that the C7 Astound only shows 3G. It never shows 3.5G. If you dig into the settings, you won't find a way to switch to 2G. Joikuspot won't work. No idea if bluetooth tethering still works or not.

I really, really liked the C7. I think I'll get one for my dad.