Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick impressions with the Nokia E7

N8 | The Nokia E7 in silver.

Last Friday I also got a quick hands on with the Nokia E7.

The E7 is BIG. After using the N8 for months, the size and weight are quite a change. When I held it, it reminded me of when I owned an N95 and being shown the N95 8GB for the first time. It is very well built. Beautiful and incredibly solid.

The display is gorgeous. Nokia's Clear Black Display AMOLED screen makes the colors really pop. Opening the display was a bit confusing. I could only open it with both thumbs. The closing clack is just as satisfying as it was on the N97. The keyboard is fantastic. It is easy to type on. My small hands made it hard to reach some keys though.

I didn't like some of the design decisions. I would have preferred a camera hump. The volume slider and sim card slot positions should be switched. I did like the layout on top of the E7 by having the USB port, HDMI, power and headphone jack all together.

I think the E7 is a great device, but I think it is too big for me to use personally. I would LOVE to see an E7 mini with a 3.2 inch screen.