Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rammstein Double Shot

RAMMSTEIN finally came back to town after a ten year absence and I got to see them twice during the month of May.

N8 | Rammstein performing Du Hast

I first saw them way back in 1997 at the Hollywood Palladium opening for KMFDM and Lords of Acid. I had come back to LA after my first quarter at college to see all my old high school friends. We had only known of Rammstein via the Lost Highway soundtrack. I imported the debut album Herzeleid and learned the songs. I remember my friend Son getting shocked when the full version of Heirate Mich was played. I also remember during Du Hast they used a telephone with a bomb in it.

I saw them again in 1998 at the Palace when they toured with Rob Halford's band 2wo. They came back in 1999 to the Shrine Auditorium and brought mindless self indulgence with them. The last time I saw Rammstein was on July 4, 2001 at the Palace. They did a cover of Pet Sematary, which had extra meaning after the passing of Joey Ramone.

When Rammstein announced tour dates, I marked my calendar for the onsale date for the LA Forum. Fantastic: my first Rammstein stadium show! I knew I didn't want floor tickets, I'm far too old for that nowaways. At first Ticketmaster couldn't give me tickets. I tried again and scored Loge 1 row N. This was directly opposite the stage, the perfect spot to view the show.

N8 | Firebow

A few weeks ago, I was looking at 1iota for tickets to see Craig Ferguson for his May 17th taping. I knew Jimmy Kimmel sometimes had concerts so I checked out what was playing and I was shocked Rammstein was performing the day before the Forum show. I immediately signed up for tickets. A couple of days later, I was notified the show was sold out. I signed up for the Kimmy Kimmel tv show taping. Again, sold out. Shit.

It finally came time to see Craig Ferguson. The friend who was supposed to go with me no showed. I drove down to the CBS studio too late for parking. I drove around and parked a few blocks away. By the time I got in line, I was turned away because they reached capacity. Luckily, they gave me a phone number to call so that I get priority seating for a future show. I converted this into a pass for Jimmy Kimmel. Whoo!

N8 | Rammstein performs Feuer Frei

I arrived to the Kimmel show around 3. I was seated around 5. I watched Mike Tyson get interviewed. The taping didn't finish until 7:30. The warm up comedian had to stall for time while the fire marshall was checking the pyro. They let the concert ticket holders in first. They got the best spots. I still managed to get rail along the side. Rammstein played 5 songs. Not only did I feel the intensity of the fire, I got feul oils on my face and hair. Great show!.

N8 | Flamethrowers

Friday was a rough day. I didn't get much sleep and I left to Long Beach for Tuttle at 8am. After spending 5 hours in Long Beach, my friend picked me up and we had dinner before the show. We killed some time and got to the Forum around 7PM.

I missed the opener Combichrist because I was looking for merchandise. I wanted a tour shirt, but they sold out. By the time I decided I wanted a scarf, those were sold out.

N8 | Rammstein performing Ich Tu Dir Weh

Our seats were great. A bit far away, but they were in the center so we could see the whole show. The full Rammstein show was probably the biggest spectacle I've ever seen. There were plenty of explosions and lights synced up to the music. Of course, there was plenty of fire. On one song, the band members wear masks that shoot long jets of fire. On another song, they set a roadie on fire. Midway through the first set, the backdrop fell and a complicated set of lights would move around from song to song. I think that part of the show was my favorite.

N8 | Angel wings of Engel

After the show, I went back tot he merchandise booth and got a hoodie. Its really comfy. MY friend was super impressed with the show, most notably the production. A week later and he was still gushing over it. I am really looking forward to the DVD.