Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Comic Con 2011 - Day 2

Day 2 at Comic Con was a mess.

N8 | Gender bent Captain America waits in line to see the movie

It started with a screening of Captain America at Horton Plaza.  I got in line around 8am.  By 9am, I was informed I would not be getting into the screening.  A few days earlier, I had a friend sign up for what we thought were very limited tickets.  During Preview Night, tickets were being handed out on the floor.  I was given a pass to see a nearby Military Tribute to Stan Lee hosted by Chris Evans as a consolation prize.

N8 | Girls and Smurfs 

A few minutes later, I got a text notifying me that the first 50 people to get to the 7-Eleven next to Petco Park would get a chance to see Cowboys & Aliens.  At 10am, they gave out gold bricks.  My brick had a t-shirt and a coupon, but no movie ticket.  I headed back to the hotel and stumbled upon a Hugh Jackman rally for his movie Reel Steel.  I didn't see him myself, but I did score a giant bag from the event.  Afterwards I headed back to the hotel room to drop off the morning's swag at the hotel.

N8 | Juxtaposition cosplay

I headed back to the Gaslamp to see the Captain America event.  This was a great ceremony and a nice break from the hecticness of Comic Con.  Chris Evans was great to see in person.  He is smaller than I expected.Strangely, Stan Lee never showed up.  Instead, there was a beautiful bald eagle at the end of the show.

N8 | Chris Evans at the military tribute to Stan Lee

I grabbed an energy drink and began wandering the Gaslamp.  I spotted the Adult Swim ice cream truck and scored some free ice cream.  I spotted a South Park parade with a Chinese dragon that had Cartman for its head.  I ran into the Cowboys & Aliens giveaway people again and scored another t-shirt.

N8 | This Snape had some awesome robes

I then headed to Hall H to catch the Fox movie panel.  I saw previews for Prometheus, In Time and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  I got a text from a friend who said he got passes for a Captain America 6pm screening, so I didn't stick around for any more panels in Hall H.

The best part of this screening for Captain America was the lack of wait time.  The theater was pretty old and smelled funny.  As for the movie, it was great.  I really liked Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and Haylee Atwell as Peggy Carter.  They were great together.

N8 | Stickers in candlelight. 

After the movie I headed over to the Threadless party.  The party this year was not as fun as last year.  This years comics-on-tees series wasn't as impressive while the party was really low key.  At least the noms were good.

N8 | Spider Samurai

I ditched this party to check out some other places.  The party at Basic had a huge line, so that was out of the question.  The Cirque du Soleil show at Petco Park was long over.  I ended up at Gam3rcon for a Samurai and Schoolgirls party.  I played Guilotine and Bang! for a couple of hours before heading up to the party, which lead to me missing out on the burlesque show.  I got in a few drinks on the rooftop before the night was done, which lead to a long drunken walk back to the hotel room.

Check out my full Comic Con photo set on flickr and stay tuned for my day 3 shenanigans.