Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Nokia N8: 1 year later

I have been using a service called 4square&7yearsago.  It uses the foursquare api and shows me my check-ins from a year ago.  This morning I was reminded that my Nokia N8 is now a year old.

N82 | My first hands on

I have really enjoyed using my N8 over the past year.  Most of the photos on this blog from the past year were shot with the N8.  I am really glad there was a camera ui update for the Symbian Anna release.   I switch modes a lot and the update made it easier to do so.  I hope a future update makes the camera available from the lock screen.

N8 and the CR-115
N97 | N8 and the CR-115

Living in LA, I drive a lot.  While most of the time I know where I'm going, I will use Nokia Maps anyway.  The newest version has been working well in getting me around traffic spots.  It reminds me when I'm speeding so I don't get a ticket.  A lot of the time it gives me a weird route, so I disobey the directions.  Hearing "route recalculation" is a bit annoying.

Watching the Nightly News
N82 | Watching news

I download a lot of podcasts.  Watching a lot of video podcasts eats up bandwidth.  Some months I use up 10 gigs of data.  Glad I have an unlimited plan.

N82 | Belle on a green N8

Updates have been delayed over and over.  Belle is due soon, but not here yet.  Still, I'm pretty happy with my N8.  There's nothing on the market right now that makes me want to change phones.