Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in photos

N8 | Darth Vader lock

N8 | TMNT Party Wagon

N8 | Rain drops

Arrow cupcakes
N8 | Hunger Games cupcakes

N8 | Jameson in focus

Friday, March 02, 2012


N8 | leetUP's welcome sign

Last night I went to leetUP at Club Nokia.  I really had no idea what to expect.  When I got there, Jimmy Pardo was warming up the crowd.  Kevin Pereira then came out to talk with Felicia Day, Alex Albrecht and Harley Morenstein.  After that segment, they made it rain bacon while setting up an audience participation bit.  They had two guys come up from the audience to eat some very weird/disgusting twinkie variations loaded with jam and bacon.

N8 | Bucky Balls

N8 | Centipede

N8 | Wii stations

N8 | From the art wall

Around the floor, there were classic arcade machines and some Wii stations.  There was also a wall with geek art and an interactive bucky ball display.

N8 | Sesame Street

Next up was a set from VJ Mike Relm.  He had an interesting mix of turntables and video.  Afterwards Ask-A-Ninja showed up and killed "Justin Bieber" for his birthday.

N8 | Chit chat

Next up, Kevin had a chat with Kevin Smith, Chris Hardwirk, Doug Benson and Greg Fitzsimmons.  After their storytime, it was again time for the audience to get involved.  There was a celebrity make over with Chris Hardwick.  Then came Mystery Bong hits with Doug Benson and the honey Badger with Kevin Smith.

N8 | Fun with Doug Benson

N8 | Kevin Smith, Greg Fitzsimmons, and the honey badger

On the way home on the Metro, I talked with some guys who went to the a nearby Street Fighter vs Tekken event.  One of them wished he had Dr Manhattan powers so he could have been in both places at once.  Another wanted to use Men in Black 3 time travel rules to have gone to leetUP.  Fun times!