Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guitar Wolf at The Satellite

Last week I saw Guitar Wolf.  It was one of the loudest concerts I've ever been to.  They played at the Satellite in Silver Lake, which provided the right atmosphere for this band from Japan.

I've been loosely following Guitar Wolf ever since their cameo in a Teen Titans music video.  Later on, I saw their zombie movie Wild Zero (which is terrific, by the way).  I was very pleased to find out they would be coming to town.

N8 | Guitar Wolf performing at the Satellite

The show was the first time I had been in a mosh pit in years.  Big guys running in circles, smashing into each other and spilling beer on each other.

N8 | Mosh Pit Wolf

N8 | Crowd Surf Wolf

During their first of three encores, Guitar Wolf performed while crowd surfing.  It was the first time I've seen someone stay vertical while in the crowd like that.  During their second encore, Guitar Wolf pulled out a few fans and formed a pyramid.  After the first attempt fell apart, Guitar Wolf performed from the top of the pyramid.

N8 | Pyramid Wolf

My ears were ringing for a couple of hours after the show.  A fantastic time was had!  Thanks to Grimy Goods for providing the tickets.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garbage at the Bootleg Theater

Last week I was riding the Metro when I caught a tweet that said that Garbage tickets were on sale for the following night.  The timestamp was 8 minutes ago!  Tickets were sold through Ticketfly, who have an awesome mobile website that let me easily purchase tickets on my phone. After two failed tries at a pair of tickets, I managed to score a single ticket.

N8 | Garbage live at the Bootleg Theater

This was my first time seeing Garbage in over 15 years and seeing them in such a small venue was a real delight.  I haven't been on a floor that shook in as many years as well.  Garbage performed a 90 minute "rehearsal" set.  There were a couple of breaks while they fixed their instruments.  The set was filled with their many hits over the years along with 3 new songs.

N8 | Garbage performing "Special"

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hands on with the white Nokia Lumia 900 with #attmobilereview

So last Thursday night I was invited by the fine folks at at&t to check out the new Nokia Lumia 900. Not only did I get my first hands ever on with a Lumia 900, I got to try out the much coveted white one.

N8 | The white and cyan Nokia Lumia 900

The white Lumia 900 is a gorgeous phone.   The glossy white plastic feels so slick.  The big AMOLED screen looks phenomenal.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit too big for me.

I was holding a drink when I was offered to play with it.  I managed to start up the camera by holding the camera button.  Taking pictures was easy.  I could either use the camera button or tap the screen to take a picture.  The glossy finish and large size make it very hard to use with one hand.  As I attempted to touch the back button, the phone slipped from my hand onto the concrete floor.

Being a Nokia, there was not a scratch on the Lumia 900.  That new polycarbonite plastic and Gorilla Glass screen make a tough combo.  It was joked that an iPhone would have shattered after that drop.

For my own Lumia 900, I am definitely getting a case to overcome my butterfingers.