Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hands on with the white Nokia Lumia 900 with #attmobilereview

So last Thursday night I was invited by the fine folks at at&t to check out the new Nokia Lumia 900. Not only did I get my first hands ever on with a Lumia 900, I got to try out the much coveted white one.

N8 | The white and cyan Nokia Lumia 900

The white Lumia 900 is a gorgeous phone.   The glossy white plastic feels so slick.  The big AMOLED screen looks phenomenal.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit too big for me.

I was holding a drink when I was offered to play with it.  I managed to start up the camera by holding the camera button.  Taking pictures was easy.  I could either use the camera button or tap the screen to take a picture.  The glossy finish and large size make it very hard to use with one hand.  As I attempted to touch the back button, the phone slipped from my hand onto the concrete floor.

Being a Nokia, there was not a scratch on the Lumia 900.  That new polycarbonite plastic and Gorilla Glass screen make a tough combo.  It was joked that an iPhone would have shattered after that drop.

For my own Lumia 900, I am definitely getting a case to overcome my butterfingers.