Friday, July 06, 2012

Comic Con 2011 - Day 3

Note: I finished this post many months ago, but blogger lost it and I never got around to finishing it. I plan on finishing my Comic Con 2011 memoirs before this year's con.

Friday at Comic Con had plenty of highs and lows.

N8 | Big Gun

Friday morning began with staking out a couple of 7-Elevens hoping to catch the Cowboys and Aliens giveaways. I traveled to 3 stores with no sign of giveaways of any activity, so I headed to the Hilton Bayfront for the Adult Swim panels. I was approaching Petco Park when I got the text message to find the 7-Eleven at 555 C St. This location was about 8 blocks from where I was, so I started running. It didn't take long for me to run out of breath. This moment set in how terribly out of shape I was. Anyway, I made my way up 10th Avenue to C street and headed west. I arrived at a 7-Eleven and found some people waiting out front. After a couple of minutes, one of them realized we were at the wrong store. We were at 525 East C street while the giveaway was happening at 555 West C street. After another 10 blocks of speed walking, I became the 44th person in line. 10am rolled around and I got a gold brick with no movie ticket inside.

N8 | Jun from Gatchaman

I was pretty far away from the convention center, so I headed to the nearest shuttle stop which was at Emerald Plaza. Towards the end of the shuttle ride, I got another text saying the next giveaway was at the lawn at the Hilton Bayfront. I got lucky since I was headed there anyway. Although I was impeded by the line for Hall H, I managed to get another brick. Another empty brick. Dismayed, I headed to the line for Adult Swim panels in the Indigo Ballroom.

N8 | Genderbent Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

I kinda wish I had visited the Hilton Bayfront before. After going through a maze of escalators, I found myself in the back of the hotel next to the bay. The line was quite impressive, but my friend was holding a spot about halfway through the line. The Indigo Ballroom was quite impressive. It reminded me a lot of Ballroom 20 at the convention center. We found seats near the middle of the room and could see the screens and the stage well.

N8 | A time machine

First panel was for The Venture Bros.  They showed off the Shallow Gravy music video.  Next up was a crazy Childrens Hospital panel.  The Q&A was incredible.  Megan Mullaly talked about her husband enjoying her lips and then the cast pulled a girl onto the stage after she asked a dumb question.  NTSF:SD:SUV: followed up with a crazy video shoot in the aisles.

N8 | Another time machine

By now I was hungry and headed over to the South Park Experience.  After scoring a snow cone, I went to get some lunch.  San Diego food trucks were parked next door and I can say that they are just as good as the ones up in LA.  Afterwards, I decided to go check out the Conan art exhibit.  Along the way I ran into an Ironman monster truck.

N8 | Adventure Time!

I headed inside to walk the floor a bit.  I saw the TARDIS from Doctor Who, Conan O'Brien doing autographs at the WB booth, a Delorean time machine, and bunches of cosplayers.  I tried to get into the Batman panel with Adam West and Burt Ward, but the line was too long.

N8 | Conan O'Brien

I spent the rest of the night finding a party to go to.  Every place I went to had nearly finished up for the night.  The geek girls party I went to was over by the time I got there.  I managed to score a free drink at a sports bar, but that was a lame spot.  Thus the night ended.