Saturday, July 07, 2012

Comic Con 2011 - Day 4

Note: this is a long overdue post

N8 | War Machine

I woke up Saturday morning around 7 am and immediately got in line for Ballroom 20 for the 10 am Chuck panel.  I was in line early enough to get in and for a spot in the middle of the room.  The panel was a lot of fun but bittersweet since it would be the final panel.  Zachary Levy had a hard time keeping it together.

N8 | A centaur waits for the elevator

Usually I sit in ballroom 20 for the Matt Groening / Seth Macfarlane animation block, but there was an animated show I wanted to see more.  I walked over to the line for room 6A to see Adventure Time.  I waited through 3 panels, which were strange.  First up was a spotlight on author Sherrilyn Kenyon.  She talked about her novels about vampires who die at 27 and her family life.  Next up was Marvel video games.        They showed off a new Marvel vs Capcom game that had Ghost Rider doing awesome shit.  Finally there was a vampire romance panel.  By now, the room was 80% filled with Adventure Time fans and the Q&A featured a few Marcelline cosplayers.

N8 | A sea of Finns

Finally, the Adventure Time panel kicked off with everyone in the room getting a Finn hat.  Then there was a sneak preview at the upcoming Fiona and Cake episode, which everyone went bonkers for.  Matt Groening and John DiMaggio showed up from the Futurama panel for the Q&A.  Matt talked about how Pendleton Ward met him as a kid and his mom told Matt how Penn wanted to be an animator just like him.

N8 | Togepi inspired attire

Afterwards I headed to South Park village for more snow cones and to get lunch from a food truck.  I then headed over to get in line for the Power Rangers Samurai panel.  Before that, I waited through a Roddenberry panel.  They showed off Trek Nation and talked about the legacy of Gene Roddenberry.  I got a neat book during the Q&A.

The cast of Power Rangers Samurai

The Power Rangers Samurai panel was moderated by Paul Schrier, who has played Bulk on and off since the first season 19 years ago.  He introduced the then un-aired first episode of Samurai.  He then introduced the cast.  I was seriously impressed by Hector David Jr., who entered with a bunch of backflips.  The cast closed the panel with their morphin call.

This is Comic Con #sdcc
N8 | Some guy passed out at the Mariachi El Bronx party

By now the sun had set and I hit the gaslamp.  I found out about a concert featuring Mariachi El Bronx, a band I had seen open for Primus and was very impressed with.  There was an open bar and I ran into some friends I made on Thursday.  Great times.