Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - Day 2 - Thursday

808 Pureview | The IRON MAN 3 display at the Marvel booth

I woke up early Thursday morning so I could get some exclusives from the floor.  This plan was successful, as I scored a Godzilla action figure.  I headed to the Cartoon Network booth and got a map of the land of OOO from Adventure Time.  On the back was the Comic-Con Quest to get a stamp from 10 booths on the exhibit hall.

808 Pureview | Zombie Finn and Rainbow Dash

After getting 4 stamps, I noticed it was getting close to 10am.  One of my roommates told me that a place way up on 4th St would be giving out processors.  The place turned out to be 10 blocks away.  It was beginning to rain when I got to an empty alley.  I looked around the block and found the line of people to get in.

808 Pureview | The AMD A8

I got in and signed some forms and got an AMD processor.  Sweet.  While waiting in line I stared at the bar.  There was an open bar, but it was 10:30am in the morning.  I settled on water and watched some game demos.  I then headed back to my room to have lunch.

808 Pureview | Dejah Thoris from John Carter of Mars

I dropped off my swag and made myself a sandwich.  My next panel wasn't until 1pm, so I decided to finish the Adventure Time quest.  After getting off the elevator, I spotted a gorgeous woman posing.  I took her picture and mouthed thanks.  She smiled back at me.  After learning she's a model named Valerie Perez, I regret not taking some time to take more pictures.

808 Pureview | Donatello says hi

I went back to the floor and finished the quest.  I got a rad Adventure Time medal I wore for the rest of the con.  Afterwards I headed over to the Indigo Ballroom to see the Voltron panel.  Even though I was late, I managed to get second row.  I moved up to front row for the Power Rangers panel, which was fun.  I recorded the whole panel and found the zoom on the 808 Pureview to be amazing and easy to use.

808 Pureview | X-Men and the Avengers

808 Pureview | Busts of Captain America, Red Skull, Iron Man and War Machine

In the weeks before Comic-Con, I would monitor twitter hashtags and blogs for access to all the parties.  One of the parties was at the Omni hotel put on by Wired magazine.  I signed up for reader day at the Wired Cafe and when I checked in, I was upgraded to VIP.  I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon getting drunk and eating chicken wings.  

808 Pureview | The cast of Doctor Who at the Wired Cafe

So while I'm getting my nom on, I look over and the cast of Doctor Who shows up.  My heart does a few flips and I wash my hands so I could get my 808 Pureview out.  A little bit of zoom and I got this great photo.  It wasn't too long until I ran into some local friends I met last year.  The good times came to an end since the cafe runs until 5pm, so I headed back to my room..

808 Pureview | Me and Sonic 

I ran into Sonic on the way back.  After dropping off my gear and topping up my phone battery, I made my way to the Hard Rock for the first party of the night put on by the LA Times Hero Complex.

808 Pureview | Terry Crews

While waiting in line a few members of the cast of the Expendables 2 came by.  I saw Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I manged to get this pic of Terry Crews.  One of the best things about the 808 Pureview is how fast it is to pull it out of your pocket and take a picture.

808 Pureview | Monsters of Petco Park

Since the Hero Complex party was running late, I decided to leave and head for the next party.  Along the way, I stopped at Petco Park to check out the Dawn of the Con party.  Not much was going on except for a video big screen and a giant line for t-shirts.  I made my way to NERD HQ for the TV Live Aushole party.  This was a cool party held in the rafters.  Host Michael Ausiello greeted everyone in line and gave out t-shirts.  I had a great time socializing but after two hours it was time to head to the next party.

808 Pureview | Amazing body art at the IMAX Remix party

I made my way 6 blocks up the street and hopped on a shuttle that took me to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park.  This was the nicest party I went to all weekend.  Great booze, great food, met a few cool people.  The big event was a VJ set by Glenn Morrison up on the big OMNIMAX screen.  Nature scenes were mixed with movie action scenes in an experience that went beyond my field of vision.  This was followed up with a premiere of the new James Bond Skyfall trailer.  The action looks great but I did not like new Q.  After a shuttle ride back to my hotel, the day ended.