Thursday, August 02, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - Day 3 - Friday

808 Pureview | Why'd it have to be snakes?

Friday began with another floor rush.  This time I had to get my wristband so I could get into the Adult Swim party.  After wrapping that up, I went to the Lucasfilm booth and saw some snakes.  Some of the snakes were plastic.  This one was shy and kept hiding his face.

808 Pureview | This Dr Girlfriend can do the voice

While walking to the Indigo Ballroom for the Adult Swim panels, I encountered the massive line for Hall H.  It seemed like the entire boardwalk was filled with people in line for the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. The Venture Bros panel was all Q&A with the panelist trying to avoid spoilers.

808 Pureview | Everyone is an agent in bad hair

The NTSF:SD:SUV panel was fun.  Adam Scott and Rob Huebbel showed up during the Q&A.  They showed a neat episode taking place at Comic-Con.  The following Childrens Hospital panel had some amazing Q&A and the panelists had a great time.

808 Pureview | The Walking Dead Escape takes over Petco Park

I went over to Petco Park to check out the zombies.  After checking out the intimidating course, I headed over to the Wired Cafe.  They had some amazing root beer snow cones, really great for a warm day.  I stayed until closing, then headed back to the Hyatt.

808 Pureview | Chopper the Biker Dog

808 Pureview | This didn't make sense, but I loved it

After dropping off my stuff and topping up my phone, I headed over to the marina for the Adult Swim party. The walk there was awesome.  Seeing how big an aircraft carrier is was a bit overwhelming.  It was nice to walk past the people trying to get waitlisted as I got in line.

808 Pureview | The USS Midway

While in line, I spotted a guy with a denim jacket with metal band patches on the front and Justin Bieber on the back.  It was a lot of fun to board the USS Midway.  Standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier was so cool.  There were bunches of old planes on display with lots of retired people to tell their stories.

808 Pureview | Me and Doc Hammer

Instead of walking about, I waited at one end of the deck so I could get in front for the Dethklok show.  While waiting a bunch of Adult Swim stars came out.  I got my picture with Doc Hammer from the Venture Bros, who was enamored with my Adventure Time medal.  As the sun began to set, Dethklok arrived via helicopter.  While everyone was watching it land, I was allowed in and got to stand right up front for Dethklok.

808 Pureview | The Dark Night Rises / Design by Humans fashion show

After the concert, I checked my email and saw I got into a Batman party.  I decided to ditch the Adult Swim party and make my way there at 10:30.  It was held at a rooftop nightclub and was $10 to get in.  There wasn't another nerd in sight all night long, just regular club people.  I waited around for the fashion show to test out my 808 Pureview.  The models were nice to look at and Batman showed up at the end.  With no swag of any kind in sight or anybody worth talking to, I went back to the hotel with regrets of wasting the past two hours.  I could have gone to see Andrew WK party hard or hang out at the Adult Swim party.