Friday, August 03, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - DETHKLOK live on the USS Midway

808 Pureview | The USS Midway was the host for the Dethklok show

808 Pureview | The Klokateers

808 Pureview | The stage 

808 Pureview | Metalocalypse

This is the complete Dethklok show at Comic-Con on the USS Midway aircraft carrier.  I didn't remember until halfway through I could set it to hyperfocal so everything would be in focus. I learned a lot about how to shoot video from this show.  The zoom is amazing and the mics had no problem with the loudness.   I didn't find out until afterward my deathgrip on my 808 Pureview would muffle the sound.

808 Pureview | The setlist