Thursday, November 08, 2012

In the ER

Last Friday, my hair hurt.  Weird, right?  Just moving my hands through my hair made the left of my scalp tingle a bit.  On Saturday, my left eye started feeling funny.  By Monday, a rash had broken out on my left forehead and I was having headaches.

On Tuesday I called my health plan's nurse on call.  She went through my symptoms and guessed I have shingles and told me to see my doctor.  I tried to get an appointment with my doctor, since walk-ins are not taken at care center.  I called too late in the day to get a same day appointment from some cancellations, so I was told to call back tomorrow.  So this morning I tried to get another appointment.  The nurses were in a meeting and I was told to call back at 10am.  I called back and the nurse tried to turn me over to the appointment desk.  After half and hour on hold, I gave up and went with plan B.

Mural on the wall at the urgent care waiting room at Olive View Medical Center.  I'm not happy with the color tone my Nokia 808 Pureview got here.  I left it in auto mode instead of playing with the lighting options.

After lunch, I went to the ER at Olive View Medical Center.  I arrived at 3.  Processing took an hour.  It took another half an hour to see the nurse.  Holy moly, the nurse was hot.  Unfortunately I blew the chance to say "Hellooo nurse!" to her.  She took my vitals and forwarded me to urgent care.  Another hour before I saw a doctor, who quickly diagnosed me with shingles.  Then I had to wait for a nurse to draw some blood for an HIV test.  I have weak veins so she had to take blood from my hand.  OUCH.  She then gave me my prescription and I went home around 7.