Friday, November 30, 2012

The Endeavor Flyover

On September 21, the space shuttle Endeavor flew over Los Angeles.  I made my way to Griffith Observatory to watch it fly by.

This kid got a lot of attention.

Endeavor was scheduled to fly by around 11am.  I got there around 9am and it was already very crowded.  I parked at the lot for the Greek Theater and took a shuttle to the top.  I would have hiked to the Observatory, but I brought my mom.  The line for the shuttles took about 30 minutes.

Lots of TV crews were there.

Endeavor didn't arrive until about noon.  Everyone expected it to arrive from the west, but it's first approach was from the southeast.  Most people didn't see it because it was so low, it was hidden by the Observatory and some trees.


Endeavor looped around and came in from the west like everyone expected and flew directly overhead. 

Even my Nokia 808 Pureview's full zoom doesn't quite capture how close overhead Endeavor was on the second pass.

Endeavor started another loop towards JPL in Pasadena.  Then it flew behind Mount Lee where the Hollywood Sign is.  After cornering around Universal Studios, it made one more pass for the Observatory.

This is a favorite of mine.


I had my mom had my old N8 and turned the video on.  The video came out awful.

There were plenty of people who watched from Mount Hollywood.  Someone fell and an LAFD helicopter had to rescue them.

I shot this video of the rescue in 360P to get full use of the Nokia 808 Pureview's zoom capability.