Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sword Swallowers

Last Saturday I went to Hollywood for World Sword Swallowers day.  This happened to be Oscars weekend, so much of Hollywood Blvd was blocked.  I got there early enough for a spot that I thought was great.

I saw this big dog as I arrived.

She howled along to the far away police sirens.

This is George the Giant. He stands 7'3" tall. Although he is the record holder for longest sword swallowed, he couldn't perform that trick due an injury. He did perform this bottle lift using hooks, chain and his eyelids.

Here he snorts milk from a long straw wrapped around a girl from the crowd.

Amy Amnesia lying on a bed of nails in her first public performance.

Donny Vomit driving a spike into his head.

The Mighty Torres about to swallow a big screwdriver.

This is a longish video that recaps most of the performances. Stick around for the big finale.

Amy Amnesia, Donny Vomit, Brett Loudermilk, Vincent Wolf, The Mighty Torres, George the Giant and Robin Marks pose before the big swallow.

Also during the show was a fire performance from Ted Shrek.