Saturday, April 20, 2013

How To Destroy Angels - live in Las Vegas

808 - This was a great show.

I left my room at the Quad on the strip around 5:30. It took about 30 minutes to drive two miles to the Palms. Parking was a breeze. I entered the casino and found my way through the food court and to the line at the box office. I knew the Palms catered to a young crowd, but wow. I was standing next to a coat check booth and many young women in bikinis were showing up from the pool to get their clothes. It was a weird contrast with the mostly older and goth crowd in line. As the line moved into the venue and wristbands were distributed, I ended up in front of a drunk group. A girl was telling a guy he was a light weight and not drunk enough.

808 - Lights and boxes

I found a great spot up front behind two short people. I had two feet of space to either side of me. After the opening band, a waitress showed up and offered drinks. I didn't care that my bottle of water was $6. I have never been more comfortable in a pit like this.

808 - bathed in green light

The set featured an amazing light show.  Pulsing strobes, rotating curtains of light, and mindbending visuals. 

808 - Mariqueen Reznor

After a couple of songs, the curtains would part and Mariqueen would come out to sing some somber songs.

808 - Pink lights

I watched the Coachella stream the night before.  Some of the songs were sloppy.  The Vegas set had better performances.

808 - HTDA in blue

If they tour again, I hope they bring a live drummer.  One of the weirder moments was when Trent was jamming on his guitar and the sounds of the strings getting hit was louder than what was coming out of the speakers.

808 - Circles

I stuck around after the show in hopes of getting a guitar pick or the setlist.  Instead the roadies gathered them up and put them in a box.  Afterwards, I went to the merch booth and scored a tour shirt.  Then I went outside and was pleased to see the marquee was still up.

808 - 34 megapixels

I recorded 7 songs between photos on my 808.  Great sound quality.  Enjoy!