Friday, July 26, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 - Friday

Nokia 808 Pureview | It's not Comic-Con without lines

I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned all night. Too hot, turn up the air.  Too cold, get an extra blanket from housekeeping.  I maybe got 2 hours of sleep Thursday night. Finally around 5am I rounded up my buddies so we could get into the Adventure Time panel.

Nokia 808 Pureview | Summertime lovin, lovin in the summertime

We walked past the Hall H line and got to the Hilton Bayfront around 5:30am.  The line was about 100 deep. The end of the line was in a study/lounge type area with couches and tables.  I had a nice chair to sit in for about an hour until the hotel staff crunched the line.  A few minutes later, they cut off the line at 100 people, forcing me to go wait outside.  It was cold and breezy outside.  I didn't remember to bring a sweater this year, so I used the cape from my comic-con bag as a windbreaker.  It barely helped.  Luckily I was second in line so I kept going inside the hotel to warm up.  I was tempted to buy a sweater from the gift shop, but I balked at the $70 price tag.

Nokia 808 Pureview | Henchmen

They let us inside the Indigo Ballroom around 9:15 and the AC was blasting.  Yay, more cold.  The first panel was for Regular Show.  Lots of great montages shown.  There was a joke in the show about eating a 12 egg omelet.  It seemed like the breakfast burrito I had that morning had as many eggs in it.  Next up was Adventure Time, which was a lot of fun.  Donald Glover showed up for this panel, but not Community.  This was followed by the Venture Bros panel, which has never disappointed. 

Nokia 808 Pureview | Parking lot at Petco Park

Afterwards I headed over to the Wired Cafe.  Along the way, I stopped at Petco Park to see what was going on in the parking lot.  There was so much to see, yet so little time.  I only checked out the DC We Can Be Heroes tent.  Inside were a bunch of Kia cars with Justice League artwork.

Nokia 808 Pureview | The Justice League

I made my way over to the Wired Cafe and got some lunch.  I didn't catch any celebrities but I did see some cool telescopes from Celestron.  I left a little early to get my Batusi Batman from Matty Collector. That line moved pretty quick.  I dropped off my purchase at the room and took a break before heading back to the exhibit floor.

2013-07-19-1669 2013-07-19-1672 2013-07-19-1671 2013-07-19-1670
Nokia 808 Pureview | Friday cosplay

No luck at the Bandai booth, they ran out for the day.  I walked the floor and took bunches of pictures.  On the way back to the room, I managed to get the last hot dog from a vendor as they were closing up shop.  I took my hot dog to the con suite to get some free chips and a soda for a dirt cheap dinner. 

2013-07-19-1673 2013-07-19-1674
Nokia 808 Pureview | Power Rangers

Cheap food tip: cheapest hot dogs were at the Hilton Bayfront in front of the Indigo Ballroom for $3.  The vendor on the garage level at the Marriott is $5.  Upstairs at the Marriott bar, the hot dogs were $7.  I have no idea how much they were inside the con.  Never eat food inside the con.  If you exit the Sails Pavilion towards the marina, the convention center will have food for sale with some tables available.  Go past that and look for the elevator.  Go down to street level and there should be a regular food truck.  Freshly prepared food and good prices.  Best to find this truck for a late breakfast, lunch or early dinner. 

2013-07-19-1679 2013-07-19-1680
Nokia 808 Pureview | Adventure Time

Despite all the cool parties I signed up for, I went to bed early.  I missed out on the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at a tumblr meetup, free food at Joe's Crab Shack, giveaways at the Engadget party, the Geek and Sundry party and the Worst Cartoons Ever panel.  The biggest bummer was yet to come.