Thursday, July 09, 2015

Comic-Con 2014: Thursday

I can't believe it took a whole year to post this.

July 24, 2014

Thursday started with a few panels. First up was a panel for The Witcher 3. This was followed by a panel for The Toy Story that Time Forgot.  This was fun since Krysten Schall showed up. Next up was a panel for some Sean Bean show that Sean Bean didn't show up for. TNT spent a ton of money promoting this show, plastering the side of one of the towers at the Marriott and giving out tons of T-shirts that say "Don't kill Sean Bean" and he didn't show up.  I was so disappointed. This was followed by another TNT show, the Last Ship. Comic-Con favorite Adam Baldwin was on the panel and he mugged for his fans.

Nokia 808: The NASA panel

The reason I sat through all these panels was for the NASA panel with Buzz Aldrin.  The room was electric when he walked on stage and he got a standing ovation.  The panel also had astronaut Mike Fincke, Bobak Ferdowsi (the mohawk guy) and Dr Jim Greene and was moderated by his son Seth Greene.

Nokia 808: I encountered some weird cosplay combos between panels

With panels out of the way, I went over to Petco Park to find some food. I scored free pizza from a Ninja Turtle exhibit.  I then headed over to Hotel Solamar for the Hero Complex party.

Lumia 925: Too much alcohol

I was about 4 drinks in when the pizza started to rumble in my stomach.   I had to push away my friend as my dinner spewed out of my mouth.  After three more spews, security showed up and escorted me out.  I saw a regular cab across the street but ended up taking a pedicab.  By the time I got back to my hotel, the cabbie charged me a whopping $50.  I didn't bother to argue to I paid and waddled to my room and slept.